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they disagree on issues. governor romney says he believes the president was born in the united states. he said it repeatedly. he says he thinks the issue is closed. >> let's bring in this morning's power panel. democratic strategist and radio talk show host. it's great to have the three of you here. this was supposed to be mitt romney's big moment. this is what he has been primarying for around the country to reach 1,144 delegates to seal this nomination. the background singer turns out to be to the lead singer of donald trump. how does romney dump trump gracefully? >> i would say yesterday the romney campaign did get traction on some of their messages. in fact, some of the questions directed at the white house press secretary yesterday were about equating bain, mitt romney's firm as well as the administration's investments into the one that failed. and some of the messages are getting traction but yes trump did overshadow it somewhat. the other thing i would point out is the romney campaign has not been strong enough in their language yet to make this go away. said that mitt romney believes t
states but could make that stronger by saying that mitt romney knows the president was born in the united states. until they get very strong on that it is not going to completely go away. >> does mitt romney's team need to come out and disavow donald trump who promotes this conspiracy theory? >> thomas, all of these politician s from obama to othes can have their achilles heel. there are people who believe what many people believe is nonsense. he happens to be someone who is very influential and very successful at business. he supported mitt romney. there was a time he thought he would have to run. mitt romney has done enough to disavow the things that trump has said that he disagrees with. if trump wants to support him he should welcome that support like any politicians. the voters are mature enough to separate mr. trump who has been trumping his card for ages. romney knew what he was getting when he decided to do this event with trump. why do you think trump is different? >> do you think democrats are in danger of overplaying their hand in this? >> i think democrats have been very clear
thing politically for a president of the united states to come out for marriage equality. so that shows the progress that we've made. but this is a civil rights issue of our generation. president obama came out for marriage equality because he believes in it personal louisialy. he believes no one should be discriminated against and the laws in our country should reflect equality for all americans, regardless of their choices, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation and that's what he stood for. >> congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz, it's great to see you today. thanks for your time today, i do appreciate that. >> you too, thomas. >>> a shocking twist in the disappearance of a 6-year-old, isabel celis. police say her father no longer allowed to have contact with his sons. >>> plus facebook raises the price for its ipo coming your way on friday. also the expectations for what could be the biggest public debut of a u.s. company ever. we'll bring you the updated details ahead. hey. am i the only one here without a sippy cup? not in my
of what he said. i'm even more proud about what the president of the united states said. >> the white house is also saying on wednesday at some point joe biden personally apologized to the president because of forcing his hand. but was that necessary? >> i think ultimately the rollout of this is an insider game, it's an insider conversation. and it's inside with the white house and those who follow the white house and watch this closely. for swing voters, ultimately it's the contrast between the two presidential candidates and however much you think he doesn't want to talk about this issue, mitt romney really doesn't want to talk about this issue. the president feels more comfortable talking about this than mitt romney who can't get traction on these issues and has a discomfort. >> let's talk about campaigning here. the obama campaign is using the president's endorsement to draw a comparison with mitt romney. here's the new ad from the campaign. check this out. >> as with anything, robert, what one campaign feels they have a winning strategy and something to go with, it can get overpl
or not the drawdown happens on schedule. i mean, the administration and the united states people desperately want to get out of afghanistan. but the administration is not going to flooef the middle of a civil war or a complete breakdown into a failed state. the problem is that afghanistan is fairly close to that already. so there's a lot of wishing and hoping that afghanistan is going to be able to get its act together to meet these time lines. >> jim, as we look at this, the president basically committing americans to this investment in afghanistan through the next four presidential cycles, one of which president obama can oversee, and he was saying that his goal or the goal right now is not to rebuild a country in america's image but it is to defeat al qaeda. are those ideas one and the same and can you accomplish that goal without nation building? >> well, it's interesting how dramatically the united states has scaled back its ambitions. if now the goal is only to defeat al qaeda and can you do that without nation building, what happened to the securing of human rights? what happened to the st
contraceptives. if they are complying in 28 states, why can't they comply with the law of the united states of america? >> congresswoman, great to see you this morning. >>> the 30-day sentence that some called a surprise, what prosecutors are doing to get a former rutgers student more time behind bars. >>> and the roller-coaster ride that has been facebook's hyped ipo. and it's already turning out to kind of be a big flop. we'll take a live look later. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business credit card! pizza!!!!! [ garth ] olaf's small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase, every day! put it on my spark card! [ high-pitched ] nice doin' business with you! [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away t
of the value of woman. what it does is demonizing the women in the united states. it suggest, putting on them the idea that they're going go in and have an abortion for a daz tardly reason other than the choice or personal needs and the faith conversation and medical needs of that particular patient. this is a draconian drastic initiative and, frankly, it should go down today. >> congresswoman this comes at a time when they're showing that it intended to show planned parenthood accepted planned sex selections. right now the funding is in limbo. is this about the ongoing battle to defund planned parenthood which this week launched the campaign in several states targeting mitt romney or is this something else? is this strictly about trying to strip away the funding that goes to planned parenthood? >> well, you know, the women in texas are particular victims. i would say it's the world. it tees holistic approach of coming after women. the decision by the court in texas and the federal court as you well know enjoined the state from its ridiculous approach of denying the funding to unaffiliated cl
, far ahead of when the nato allies will be pulling out. nonetheless, the united states says it feels confident that france will help in other ways. as for those protest that is you mentioned, thomas, several thousand people turned out yesterday. 45 people were arrested. seven protesters were treated at the hospital and four police officers treated. there were a few clashes between protesters and police. but largely these protests were peaceful. we're awaiting another protest today expected to happen outside boeing today. >> nbc's kristen welker in chicago for us. kristen, thanks so much. colonel jacobs, i want to turn to you. the big question now turns to and has always been about the transition and realistically how ready afghan forces are to assume that responsibility. >> well, depends on where you are. in some places, afghan troops are in very good shape indeed. we've been working on training them for a long time. but in a lot of places, particularly in remote areas, areas close to the border with pakistan, they're not very good at all. as a matter of fact, the police are a partic
billion every year over the next ten years to fund the afghan security forces. the united states has been looking for monetary commitments from its allies. it had secured some going into the summit and it was looking for more. senior administration officials have told me privately that they feel quite good about some of the monetary commitments that they have gotten here over the past day. we haven't gotten any specifics about that yet. that's one of the things we're hoping to learn later on today. of course this comes as we've learned that france will be pulling out its droops in 2012 which is, of course, far ahead of when the nato allies will be pulling out. nonetheless, the united states says it feels confident that france will help in other ways. as for those protest that is you mentioned, thomas, several thousand people turned out yesterday. 45 people were arrested. seven protesters were treated at the hospital and four police officers treated. there were a few clashes between protesters and police. but largely these protests were peaceful. we're awaiting another protest today expect
the current system. we need to hold him accountable for the decision he made to reject the united states and to have the benefit of that revenue. a lot of people out there are hurting right now. and a lot of priorities. we've got to make sure we invest in. we should not allow someone who made a decision to reject the united states and still want to -- want to get their gains tax free. a lot of people make money in this country. and they pay their taxes. very rich people have to pay a lot of taxes. mr. saverin should be governed by the same set of rules. not his own rules where he claimed in one story yesterday that he was a global citizen. he didn't even consider himself a citizen of the united states. i think we know he was a citizen. he's rejected that. and i think this tax is very fair. >> regardless, he'll be a very wealthy man either way you cut it. pennsylvania senator bob casey. thanks for your time this morning. >>> keeping an eye on the nasdaq after facebook launched there this morning, roughly about 20 minutes ago. you can see that it's up by five points right now, trading at o
've had all the benefits of living in the united states and they've made a lot of money here. and if they give up their passport and leave the country, they should -- they should have to -- they should are to pay a tax. it's the right thing to do. and i would hope people who leave the country in that way and do it for tax purposes would understand why we're doing this. >> senator, how do you explain to people that would look at this and be like, wow, this is, you know, really against capitalism and the free market and this is sour grapes on the part of what's taking place on capitol hill when you see a success story like facebook and then an american citizen, free will, leaves the country, decides to move to singapore and renounce his american status? explain to people how this doesn't look like sour grapes. >> it's not at all. what's happening -- in this case mr. saverin decided to go to singapore and now he can have future gains and not -- and not pay any taxes under the current system. we need to hold him accountable for the decision he made to reject the united states and
the united states is in al qaeda in yemen and specifically that master bomb maker ibrahim al asiri, who is responsible for the underwear bomber, the ink cartridge bomber, even planted a bomb inside his own brother's body surgically in an attempt to kill a saudi official. the brother was killed, the official was not. he still remains at large in yemen, which is why the u.s. today is ramping up those drone strikes by both the cia and the u.s. military in an attempt to take him and the rest of that al qaeda operation out. >> mik, what more do we know about the state of al qaeda today? >> well, the state of al qaeda today is that it's pretty fractured. there are many affiliates out there operating. the core al qaeda consists of only a couple hundred operators, really. and ayman al zawahiri, the number two who has taken over after bin laden's death, just doesn't have the kind of compelling control and charisma that blald had, and it's not clear that he's able to draw together all those separate entities that anybody is really sworn their e allegiance to zawahiri himself. and again, the most
issue is, is it the type of value system that you want the president of the united states to have? and i give you one example, robert. amped. there were 350 workers. it went bankrupt, went out of business. sometimes you and i know it's inevitable. sometimes private equity fails. the workers lost their jobs. but the investors took $100 million out. the workers also lost most of their pension and retiree health care benefits. did anybody think to ask the investors, hey, guys, let's take $80 million out in profit. that's a thighs profit. and let's leave $20 million so these workers can have their pensions, or at least a substantial pension, workers who worked for the company and gave their all. that's a value question, and i think that's worth asking. >> when we look at it from that type of standpoint, governor, this was all about business and the bottom line. bain can say that there was a byproduct in certain instances where there was job creation. however, this really was about profit making for the uber rich, the investors that had deposited their money with bain. but as we look at the d
this does not serve the business community in the united states. all these things play into the narrative of the obama campaign right now. >> hogan, let's look the at it from the other side. they would push important the tougher law that they couldn't get through congress that jpmorgan had these risky bets and may not have happened if the banks were being lobbied like crazy to water down financial reform. do you feel that that is an argument to be made about this? >> you know, i'm not really sure at this point. again, thanks for having me on the show. but, you know, i think that politically, you have to look at this and in -- a -- for the entire cycle. right now not exactly sure what impact makes other than a couple days' story. they lost $2 billion, sure. they made $4 billion. it is capitalism, we can say. just look at it and go they made money, lost money, win some, lose some, big deal. but i think david is right. the larger construct moving into this election heading closer and closer to november, it is going to be that age-old argument. do we want more regulations? does that help thin
in the united states, do you want as a high pro file member of your team somebody who's talking about whether the president of the united states is -- >> absolutely not. that's not an issue that the romney people want to talk about. romney's never brought that up. there's a downside. i think you saw -- it's a flash point for the republican party. so they've obviously weighed on the benefits and costs and they're going to stick with trump for now. >> no surprise, trump hit back at george will on twitter. he's what we wrote -- may be the dumbest and most overrated political commentator of all time. if republicans listen to him, they will lose. do you think anybody in the romney campaign right now is a little bit nervous about trump going to the microphones in las vegas? >> yeah, that's the problem is donald trump likes to make the flavor last and so we don't know what he's going to say and in the days that follow, how he's going to spend his time on twitter or calling into tv shows like "morning joe" as he's done in the past and giving more and more and more of his opinion. so it is a tough lin
in having an african-american president in the white house and as president of the united states will trump anything that he could possibly say about marriage equality. so for those who are looking to maybe use -- the folks at the national organization for marriage trying to use in as a wedge issue between african-americans and gays and lesbians, it's not going to work. if the president were to come out in favor of marriage equality, there would be no impact on the president's support, just none. >> take a look at this. president obama is attending a $2,500 a plate lgtb fund-raiser in new york on monday hosted by ricky martin. there's the invitation there. "the washington post" reporting today that certain lgbt donors are withholding money from the president's campaign. how does the president walk this political tightrope? >> i think he should do exactly what michael steele said he should do. he should man up and say, this is what i believe. and i think he doesn't lose any african-american votes. jonathan is absolutely right. and the people who vote solely on this issue, single issue voter,
three of you. i appreciate it. >>> the united states has joined france, canada and australia in throwing syrian diplomats out of each nation today as global outrage reverb rates over the massacre over the weekend. at least 108 people confirmed dead. almost half of the deceased were children. u.n. observers say many of the victims were executed at close range. today metwoman syrian president in hopes of reaching some tentative agreement to prevent further blood shed there. let's start with the details and what he was trying to accomplish on the heels of the massacre that we know happened there. what are we hearing fraul both sides? >> well, we understand from sources in syria that he delivered a very tough message to the syrian president calling on the syrian government to take very bold steps to ensure that this peace does succeed. the only game in town to try to end the violence. evidence shows it is not doing that well in terms of lowering the death toll. we understand the syrian president is saying that his gumtd was not responsible for that killing that took place. they are blaming i
's the choice in this election and that's why i'm running for a second term as president of the united states. >> president obama officially kicking off his re-election campaign in ohio this weekend, telling america he's not done yet. can the president convince americans that he needs four more years to finish the job or can mitt romney successfully make the argument that he's the only businessman in chief capable of leading the nation out of an economic hold? joining me for today's political power planl is "usa today" political reporter jackie kucinich, communications director for john edwards chris lafinis and republican strategist and former huckabee campaign manager chip saltsman. great to see all of you today. chris, i'll start with you. we have this new political poll showing this race is a dead heat. within the margin of error, mitt romney is leading with all the important independents by a 10% margin. if you are the obama campaign are you looking at these numbers and sweating bullets? >> well, i'm not sure you're sweating bullets. you've still got six months. here is the brutal truth.
due to unforeseen circumstances. but mostly, it's slowing growth outside the united states that's drawing -- that's driving that decline. >> coral, does it come, though, from more scrutiny put on speculators that ultimately drive the price up? >> there's debate on this. i mean, right now most experts would say that market speculation is one piece of the cost of oil and gasoline, but by and large, it's driven by the fundamentals on a global market. it's supply and demand, how much supply there is, how much demand there is. those are really the chief drivers of the price of oil and the price of gasoline. and what's going on right now is we're seeing less demand in europe and asia. and those are really, you know, those are really the main forces behind the decline in cost of gasoline. >> certainly comes as a relief to those families who are scrapping to pull it together to travel, throw the kids in the car, and travel this summer. it is goobz d news on that fron. coral davenport, thanks again. >>> president obama is getting political pressure here at home on the pace of the economi
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the president of the united states, this sort of nonsense will continue. >> rich, does this show that both sides, as much as everyone wants to talk on the upfront and be nicnicy-nice is people are willing to get down in the mud over what's at stake? >> sure. democrats too. it's the nature of the politics. that's not new. politics in america, that's always been a rough a-and-tumbl sport, a blood sport. it still is. we just have msnbc help make everybody know about it. which is fine. going back to what jonathan said, that's a classic liberal response. even's expected to take. >> give me break, chris. >> stop, jonathan. when a democrat goes off a cliff, the rhetorical cliff, democrats typically i say, well, you know, i don't speak for him, or i don't speak for her and they get way with it. i'm not buying it, squlon jjona >> do you think when we talk about the fact that religion has not come up -- and alicia, i want to ask this of you, do you think both sides run a risky road? >> i don't understand what the other side is. i don't see democrats attacking romney on his religion. i do see where you see
is saying is clearly that scott walker is trying to divide the state of wisconsin. so he's trying to unite the state of wisconsin on a variety of issues. the war on women, the attack on workers' rights, and, you know, there's been people who have stopped being able to talk about politics around their kitchen table because of walker's just brutal divisive tactics. and i think that mayor barrett is doing a great job unite einge state, and i think ultimately he'll win on tuesday. >> josh orton, great to have you on this morning. thanks for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> hundreds of people were treated for heat-related illnesses at the indianapolis 500 on sunday. the temps there, they reached 91 on the speedway. that's one degree short of an all-time high that they've seen. organizers relaxed the rules there. as you see, they allowed some ice and coolers in the stands. they also set up misting stations and air conditioned buses, to help to cool the people off there. but it was a crash by driver mike conway in that final lap that handed scottish driver dario franchitti his third wi
. >>> a deal reached this morning for the blind chinese activist seeking asylum in the united states, the chinese government said that chen guangcheng has the same right to travel aboard as any other citizen of china. chen has been offered a fellowship to study at an american university and government officials say they will accept that travel application. this story has provided heated political fodder for republicans who blasted the obama administration's handling of that case. mitt romney has called the events surrounding chen's release, quote, a dark day for freedom. but secretary of state, hillary clinton, is painting a very different picture. >> progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants. and we will be staying in touch with him as this process moves forward. we have been very clear and very committed. >> nbc's kristen welker joins me now from the white house with more. do we know how long it will take for this application to come to the u.s. to be processed, and does that defuse any of the republican criticisms? >> reporter: well, thomas, on your first po
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)